Recipes for Lent

Best Lent Ever
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Stations of the Cross
Reflections from Bishop Robert Barron

How to Do Lent Differently
Athletes train their muscles to prepare for game time. They don't do squats or push-ups during the game, but these exercises give them the strength and endurance to succeed. In this video from Fr. Mark, we learn that Lenten practices like prayer and fasting allow us to work and strengthen the spiritual muscles we need to grow in our relationship with Jesus. And in the end, there is nothing more important than THAT relationship!

How to Live Lent for Others
Fr. Mike Schmitz offers practical advice for getting the most from your Lenten experience.

Ask More from God
Fr. Mark Troups encourages us to ask more from God this Lent . . . in fact ask for EVERYTHING!

40 Days
In this video, Scott Hahn highlights the significance of 40 days throughout Biblical history. He shows us how this 40-day period of Lent is also a time
when we can focus our hearts upon the worship of God so that we wrap our entire lives around what God's plan is for us 

Rend Your Heart
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by Lent? There are so many different devotions, fasts, and studies to participate in. How do you figure out what God is calling you to this Lent? Dr. Edward Sri answers this question and offers five practical ways to transform your life this Lent.

So What's the Story with LENT?
This 1-minute video is great for kids.

What's the Point of Fasting During Lent?
Sometimes we fast and do penance for personal improvement, and our fasting is not actually about God. In this video, Fr. Mike reminds us that God cares about us and notices our sacrifices—no matter how meager they may seem—and he wants us to use those sacrifices to draw closer to Him.

Why Lent?
This 2-minute video beautifully explains why we observe Lent.

20 Out-of-the-Box Things to do for Lent
Are you tired of giving up chocolate for Lent? Then here are some other creative ways to get more out of Lent.